12 March 2016

La Fheile Padraig Finnegans Wake Reading Recital

The performance of night music will be held at Tequila Point, 43 High St.  

Recital time will be 8-9:30 PM, Thursday, March 17. Food is generally served until 9PM. Tequila Point's bar is capable of providing the finest tequilas known to humanity to all prospective patrons who have attained the age of liberation from the shackles of sobriety - and it has Jameson - A Libation Pure.

Various Alliterative Liturgical Passages from the book will be read out aloud to elicit an atmosphere of magic and reverie only known in Honorable Confluence to Exist during the sovereignty of night:

Also, planned is a reading of the Guinness short story currently residing in the foundation of the St. James' Gate Guinness Brewery penned by the recitalist. 

Please respond to this post, or contact Joel Gosse at 1-608-987-0457.