12 October 2016

Sunday, October 16, 2016 Reading Group Meeting

The meeting will be held at the Cornish Pub Room in The Walker House, 1 Water Street.  

Meeting time will be at 4-6 PM. Beer, Wine, Pasty, and Pizza will be available for sale.
Currently at Bk 1, Ch 5, page 112:

If any questions, please respond to this post, or contact Joel Gosse at 1-608-987-0457.


  1. we didn't have a copy in our MP Library so I had to interlibrary loan - I can pick up on Wed. I probably need some time to get a feel ......

    1. The link above has annotations if you get curious about some of the metamorphosis of the words.

  2. and review spellcheck - interlibrary ......